IMG_1591Diamond birch beneath blue skies
Sweating in a new time zone
Quicksand settles along the road
taking with it the pains
from back East

As yellow leaves fall around me
I look over the Alaskan range
Its icy peaks can see tomorrow
reflecting some forgotten

Glaciers fall into the sea
Hand in hand
just you and me
We carry ourselves into the wild
finding what was there
all along

The fire reflects back orange-red
Smoky spirals in the air
Crisp breezes lift our tired eyes
To gaze at the starry sky

Northern lights come out above
The dancing teals and greens we love
There’s nowhere else
I’d rather be
right now



Such a terrifying thing it was,
to stand barefoot at the cliff’s edge,
holding your breath as you let go and jumped.
And what a relief it was to swim back to shore,
to climb up again,
and want it once more.


IMG_2742.JPGCold sand, sore soles,
and a thirst for so much more.
We stayed up long after daylight,
our laughter echoed beyond the exterior.
We shed thick skin,
we smiled it out,
heavy bass, synth and singing.
Summers were for us,
our time to let loose,
We unraveled, safe and carefree.
I think about it, from time to time.
Salty breezes brushing over palms and juniper.
Beachgrass flowing
like ribbons in the wind.
Can you still picture us together,
under a setting sun?


Humid heat, a wall of fire,
And the nights bring no relief.
A week into dog days,
my fever broke,
Thank the skies,
something gave way.
I opened a window
to cast out lethargy,
self-pity and bad luck.
For the sorrows I carried far too long,
For that burning sense of meaning.
I’ll bury them now in the thick of summer,
Kiss the ground and never look back.


To hear of you, to think of our time,
heavy paws, soft and sharp.
I miss the murmur of your sleep,
I breathed in your drawn out sighs.
I miss the dirt, kicked up and dug,
buried bones below my feet.
I’d unhook your leash,
in the woods we’d run,
faster, farther,
pine and birch whipping by.
You’d shake the water off,
leaving prints beside the lake,
on rocks and fossils and fern.
I still hear your clanging,
the slight clink of metal,
tapping between collar and tag.
I still find your fur, in shoes I’ve
forgotten, and holes in chewed up socks.
In my dreams I see you as I always have,
caramel eyes, tall ears to heaven.
To protect and play,
to be loyal and listen.
My girl, you showed me love.
The spring day I met you, held you in my arms,
Sweet girl, I will never let go.


You know you cannot stop the waves,
the moon, the land, or sun,
Winds will carry layers of dust
shores now wash anew.
One day shy
of the month of July
Unwavering currents of honesty
Stand tall, glance back
to see yourself,
everything has changed.
Who are you now without thin veils
and shadows that stay all night?
Who are you now with stolid eyes
still hands and steady thoughts?
You radiate, you always have,
Who will you become?


I’ve lived a thousand lives
and I’ll live a thousand more.
Heavy burning coals,
I carried from your door.
Long years, they passed,
we’ve moved away,
from flames that left a stain.
Another page, another way,
someday we’ll figure out,
why splinters mattered so much so
and headaches all for what?
We’ve circled the sun,
we’ve sweat it out,
We’ve only just begun.